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About Us

Piccolo Innovations is a flourishing
boutique child product
maker & innovator.

Morna Frankowiak was born in Melbourne, and lived part of her life in Europe where she obtained a degree in Tourism and Marketing. She worked for Qantas Airways in Frankfurt until deciding to move back to Australia with her two sons, for her love of Australia. 

She is a mother/university-student and founded Piccolo Innovations in 2004. Piccolo Innovations products are inspired by Morna's two active, healthy and wild sons. The idea of Piccolo Innovations' products are a result of countless experiences, hours of listening to family, friends, and people all over the world talking about the need for better children products. 

Morna's goal for Piccolo Innovations is, to make life safer, easier, and more fun for everyone in the family (especially mothers). Piccolo Innovations is proud to introduce its new European influenced, Australian designed children's high chair, called the ‘Boomer’. It's inspired by the Australian's boomerang.

 Bernd B. LieboldBernd B. Liebold originally a Berliner, now calls Australia home. His professional background was based on theatres, film-making, and advertising, a writer/director with a 'Golden Lion' award from the Venice film festival, a 'Clio' award from New York, and other awards from Cannes and Berlin. Bernd has always been greatly involved in creative pursuit and modern furniture design. Bernd works and designs for Piccolo Innovations.

He lives and works in his Studio close to the Indian Ocean. Here he created, developed, tested, rebuilt and again tested the new ‘Boomer’ high chair for Piccolo Innovation. The result is the first and only original Australian High Chair, influenced by German design and an Australian icon, the Boomer sets a new standard in highchairs.